Welcome to the Ziggurat Group
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The Ziggurat Group is dedicated to helping children, adults, and families to improve their lives.  We offer psychological and assessment services and emphasize practical solutions.  We believe that families and schools are keys to healthy development.  We also provide training on ASD intervention and evaluation.

The Ziggurat Group is a private practice located in Dallas, Texas.  Drs. Aspy and Grossman are licensed psychologists and authors.

We work with a team of professionals from a variety of fields in order to provide higher quality assessment and intervention services. Drs. Aspy and Grossman and their colleagues specialize in assessment and intervention of autism spectrum disorder.

The name “Ziggurat” came from the title of Drs. Aspy and Grossman’s book – The Ziggurat Model.

We hope that you enjoy learning more about autism spectrum disorder, The Ziggurat Model, and services provided by the Ziggurat Group


Ruth Aspy, Ph.D. & Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D.

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