The Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS) NEW SECOND EDITION

Best Practice is defined as “a superior method or innovative practice that contributes to the improved performance of an organization” (Visitask, n.d.). Shawn Henry and Brenda present a true best practice–the CAPS. The CAPS helps staff to optimize a student’s daily program in a way that incorporates needed supports. It is a critical piece that has been missing for too long. Thanks to CAPS, parents and team members will have the how, what, when, and where of intervention spelled out in a clear and meaningful way. Those who work with students with ASD will find CAPS to be an indispensable tool.

The Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS) is designed to provide an overview of a student ’s daily schedule by time and activity as well as the supports that she needs during each period. Following the development of the student’s IEP, all educational professionals who work with the student develop the CAPS. Thus, the CAPS allows professionals and parents to answer the all-important question for students with an ASD: What supports does the student need for each activity? The CAPS is a list of a student’s daily tasks and activities, the times they occur, along with the all-important delineation of the supports needed to support student success. In addition, the CAPS includes space for making notations about data collection and how skills are to be generalized to others settings.

The CAPS 2nd Edition is now available as a textbook.  A student manual is included.  This is the perfect combination for individuals who want to learn about CAPS.  

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We can’t say enough positive things about these materials.  Interoception is one of the most important advances in ASD.  It can make a critical impact on social and emotional skill development and functional skills.  These materials and associated video trainings are groundbreaking. Highly recommended.

Finding Our Way is an excellent resource for parents of children with HFA/AS. The text provides tips for common problems in the home setting. Both parents and professionals will benefit from the tools described in the book.

The Incredible 5-Point Scale is a must-have for your bookshelf. We use these materials daily and highly recommend them to parents and teachers.

Ohio Parent Guide to ASD

OCALI provides so many helpful resources. We highly recommend their guides and Autism Internet Modules.

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